3D-Ergonomic Eye Mask
3D-Ergonomic Eye Mask
3D-Ergonomic Eye Mask
3D-Ergonomic Eye Mask

3D-Ergonomic Eye Mask

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Eye Mask is the first truly 3D ergonomic eye mask. Its design adapts to the three-dimensional features of the face. It fits perfectly on all head sizes and face types, providing a 100% blackout experience in total comfort.

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and wellbeing, repairing and replenishing our bodies and mind. Sleep deprivation is linked to health disorders such as obesity, weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, and heart disease. 

Light is a critical part of sleep hygiene, as it stops the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates wake-sleep patterns. 

Eye Mask is composed of 6 different layers of high-quality materials that ensure maximum comfort and functionality. A balanced combination of thickness, density and softness creates a pleasant, skin-friendly and breathable experience. And Eye Mask is 100% machine washable so it feels like new — night after night.

Eye Mask’s ergonomic design creates a cavity that allows you to open your eyes while wearing it. Experience total darkness without any pressure on your eyelids. 

We are all different, and so are our faces. That's why we've designed Eye Mask with all face types and head sizes in mind, so it fits you perfectly no matter what.

We identified a problem common to all eye masks on the market: they are all flat, so they can never correctly adjust to the three-dimensional features of the face. They’re uncomfortable, create light leaks, put pressure on the eyes, and cause poor breathing by pressing the nose.

We have developed an innovative design and manufacturing process that considers all of these factors to create a sleek, face-fitting eye mask that blocks 100% of the light. 

Rest well in any position with total light blockage and perfect comfort.
Carry it wherever and rest on the go thanks to its protective pouch.
Block out light to disconnect and recharge during the day.
Achieve total concentration while keeping your eyes open, pressure-free.

For months, we've been working intensively with different materials and evolving designs until we achieved a unique product capable of providing the best-quality light-blocking properties. Each new prototype marked another step toward a functional, comfortable and universal Eye Mask.